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    Antoine Haddad attributes Nassib Lahoud’s withdrawal to emptying Metn’s electoral battle from its political perspective

    Democratic Renewal Movement Secretary Antoine Haddad said in an interview with NOW Lebanon on Saturday that his movement leader and Minister of State Nassib Lahoud took his decision to withdraw his candidacy in the Metn because he felt the elections were an electoral scramble for remaining seats. Haddad confirmed that Lahoud’s decision was final and not a political maneuver.

    Haddad explained that Lahoud withdrew because he felt political substance and content was being marginalized in the election. He said that Lahoud believes, “All this takes the elections toward a stance that is neither harmonious with the political period, nor with the nature of the electoral battle.” Haddad said that Lahoud expressed these concerns a month ago, but his allies did not take them into consideration.

    Haddad also said that Lahoud does not care about his own personal gain and instead is concerned about the March 14 alliance. Haddad added that the opposition will benefit from the March 14 alliance’s campaigning, which gives the public the impression that they are merely dividing seats at the expense of national goals instead of conducting a campaign with political substance.

    Haddad said that Lahoud’s withdrawal does not signal a change in his political principles or positions. “Lahoud is one of the founders of the Cedar Revolution, and he is totally committed to the principles of the Cedar Revolution and always will be.”

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