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    Nassib Lahoud: I will only participate in an electoral list that I have a role in forming

    Democratic Renewal Movement president and Minister of State Nassib Lahoud said in a press conference on Sunday that the March 14 alliance was considering the alliance with its former opponent, MP Michel Murr, because Murr’s positions had changed over time.

    “Murr opposed the obstruction of the presidential elections. He supported Bkirki and its principles, which were violated. The development of his position led to rapprochement. However, this possibility does not mean that we delegated the formation of the list in Metn to MP Murr. His approach of the [electoral] battle in Metn is different from ours,” Lahoud stated.

    Lahoud spoke about electoral campaign in the Metn district, saying, “The Metn battle is political and we will not accept emptying it of its political content.”

    “Metn residents are at the core of the Cedar Revolution and they offered sacrifices. It is untrue that the majority of Metn’s residents are not concerned with politics,” he added.

    He noted that Metn was home to highly respectful men and women. For that reason, he said, “we do not favor importing candidates from outside the Metn to conduct this battle.”

    “I only participate in an electoral list which I have a role in forming. I will not join any list that I did not contribute in forming,” Lahoud said.

    “The atmosphere of the meeting I held with Defense Minister Elias Murr was relieving and totally different from the atmosphere conveyed by MP Michel Murr in his interview,” he said, in reference to a recent interview with Murr broadcast on the LBC network.

    “Yesterday’s scene in BIEL, committed to sovereignty and independence should not remind General Aoun of October 13. What should remind him of October 13 is his visit to Syria,” Lahoud noted.

    He affirmed that he had a “clear” relationship with Saudi Arabia of which he was proud, saying that he used his international relationships to serve Lebanon’s interests and not vice versa. He said some persons highlight his relations with Saudi Arabia during the electoral season “to cover their suspicious regional relations.”

    “Talk about Saudi Arabia supporting us in the Metn is not worth responding to. We know the Metn residents and they absolutely know us,” he said.

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