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    Our Condolence Letter to Norway’s Labour Party Youth

    Tajaddod Youth sent the following official condolence letter to Eskil Pedersen, president of the Workers’ Youth League (Norway’s Labour Party Youth):

    Dear Mr. Pedersen:

    On behalf of the members of Lebanon’s Democratic Renewal Movement youth branch, Tajaddod Youth, I would like to express our deepest condolences to the colleagues and loved ones of those Labour Youth members who lost their lives in this despicable criminal attack on your summer camp in Utøya. We condemn this cowardly act of terror and senseless violence in the strongest possible terms.

    Your party members died living their commitment to democracy and tolerance. In doing so, they have become an example for young democrats who struggle everyday to make this world a better place for all. While the shooting in Utøya and the bombing in Oslo are sad evidence that terrorism knows no borders, religion or nationality, it is our duty as young progressive political activists to demonstrate that our quest for justice and wellbeing is also universal and unaffected by such barbaric acts.

    Lebanon has long suffered from violence and terror. We know what it means to defend the noble causes of freedom, justice and equal opportunities, despite all odds. Tajaddod Youth members have always shared your values and aspirations; today, we share your pain.

    There is nothing we can say that will fill the sudden hole in your hearts. We reiterate our support to all the members of your party, the families who lost loved ones and the Norwegian people. We also look forward to building a long relationship with your organisation predicated on our common drive for a free, fair and peaceful future for all.

    With our deepest sympathy and warmest regards.

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