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    March 14 youth organizations call for mass participation on February 14th

    Youth coordinator of the Democratic Renewal headed by former MP Nassib Lahoud, Nader Haddad, called for mass participation on February 14 at Martyrs Square during a press conference organized by the March 14 Youth Organization.

    “Youth play an important role in achieving the objectives of the Independence Intifada, which is the guarantee of Lebanon’s perseverance,” Haddad said.

    “As youth, we must bear responsibility and face the attempts at bringing back Syrian hegemony over Lebanon. We must participate without any hesitation on February 14 in commemoration of the assassination of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri and other martyrs,” he added.

    “We will tell Syria and Iran, ‘you will not take over Lebanon’,” Haddad said.

    On the other hand, Secretary General of the PSP Youth Organization Rayyan Al-Achkar noted the peaceful aspects of March 14 movements and stressed on the group’s determination to elect Army Commander General Michel Sleiman as president.

    -NOW Staff


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