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    Renewing Hope

    The mere fact that the youth got to express its opinion in this election is a victory. For months the opposition had successfully blocked our elected representatives in parliament from doing the same.

    The American University of Beirut can be considered a microcosm of Lebanese society and the results of this latest poll couldn’t have been more conclusive: The Lebanese youth has reasserted its attachment to democracy, independence and progress.

    For us Tajaddod Youth, this is the first time we participate in university elections since the foundation of the youth section of the Democratic Renewal Movement (DRM) in march of 2007. And although in today’s Lebanon it is hard to market a movement that is neither sectarian nor populist, we have achieved an outstanding result with four of our five candidates being elected to the AUB Student Representative Council.

    Some people call us dreamers or idealists, but apparently we are not the only ones to believe that our country has a future as a truly democratic, secular and modern republic.

    This election is more than a victory for us, it has renewed our hope that one day we will achieve these dreams.

    Nadim from Tajaddod Youth

    Via The Beirut Spring

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