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    Vote Ahdab

    Dear friends,

    I am simply writing today to ask all of you who can vote in Tripoli to vote for Misbah El Ahdab on the 7th of June.  Why am I asking you to do that? Because Mr. Ahdab is a man who has put his life in danger since 1996, while Lebanon was under the authoritarian rule of the Syrian regime, and stood up for the rights of every single Lebanese person, and opposed the Syrian hegemony. This man was always outspoken and no threats made him give up because he wanted to see prosperous Lebanon, a Lebanon free from outside intervention.

    In May 2008, while armed militias were invading the streets of Beirut to counter the decisions of a democratically elected government, while very few parliamentarians stood up for Beirut, this man, who is from Tripoli, was always speaking his mind and did not bow to the invasive forces.

    Also in May 2008, when Tripoli was being attacked, this man was perhaps the only member of parliament who stayed in Tripoli and again defended it and the rights of its citizens.

    Although Ahdab is a member of the 14th of March, he was left out of the Tripoli list which includes independents. One of the independents whom I am asking you to leave out of your ballos is Ahmad Karami.

    After the assassination of Martyr Rafik Hariri in 2005, while Ahdab and other politicians were participating in demonstrations against Syrian hegemony, Ahmad Karami was thanking Syria in the March 8 demonstration. Ahmad Karami ran on the Syrian list, backed by the likes of Sleiman Frangieh, in the 2005 elections. The patriotic March 14 list won the elections then, but now things have changed.

    Ahmad Karami is now seen by some as an “independent” and has been taken instead of Misbah Ahdab into the list. The main threat this decision poses is that the infamous Omar Karami might make it into parliament instead of Misbah. Misbah is now leading in the polls, and directly after him comes Omar Karami. If you are concerned that Omar Karami might make it to the parliament,  your job would be to actually vote Misbah since he is leading in the polls and this will cement his position in the elections, and will add an extra seat to the March 14 coalition instead of one for the “independents”.

    As a person from Beirut, I ask you to please vote for the man who stood up in 2005 and in May 2008, for my rights, and yours, as Lebanese citizens, and not as members of our respective sects.

    If you need any help going through that process, below you can find a little guide:


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