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    Poll: Campaign Tools


    It’s time for a new poll. This month we ask you to tell us which campaign tool you think has the biggest impact on voters and why.

    What is the most important campaign tool to win the elections in Lebanon?

    • Smart communication (43%)
    • Ideas and programs (23%)
    • Services (11%)
    • Money (11%)
    • Weapons (11%)

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    As usual, please join the discussion in the comments section>.

    3 responses to “Poll: Campaign Tools”

    1. Michel Trad says:

      Weapons used May 7, 2008 have already influenced negatively the results of the coming elections.
      The mistake is to believe that it was not a “coup d’etat”…..

      Second will come the money in the disputed areas like Zahle for instance….

    2. Hadi says:

      All of those influence the results of the elections, but in the battlegrounds, i think that smart communication is the main key to win the elections, ideals and programs might attract some people here and there, but they are not what attracts the majority of the people.

    3. N.A.H says:

      I think that in areas under direct or indirect control of Hizbollah and their armed proxies, weapons will have a direct influence on the outcome of the elections. The weapons as well as the money and the institutions built by hizbollah have a long term effect rather, and countering them will need a lot of effort and time and money.
      But all the electoral battles are taking place only (unfortunately) in areas that are not under Hizbollah’s military control, and since the majority of the voters there are “independent” and not politically active, the most important way to win the elections will be the smartest and most appealing campaign.
      March 14 started a real impressive campaign, but they still need to deliver the message in a smartest way, and most importantly they need to counter the rumors spread by March 8th and more specifically the aounists and hizbollah, in a more effective and fast way

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