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    Syria on the Brink? Why I’m still hopeful

    Veteran journalist Kelli Arena has been training many political parties and citizen journalists in the region over the last few months. She posts on her blog many sharp remarks and impressions on how things are moving amidst the Arab Spring.

    Her blog post on election results in Egypt and the high scores of the Muslim Brotherhood is a straight-to-the-point reality check.

    In another blog post about the situation in Syria, while painting an overall gloomy picture, she finds in my words a rare hopeful voice:

    My friend Ayman Mhanna [Tajaddod Youth coordinator], executive director of the Beirut-based media watchdog Samir Kassir Eyes Foundation says “It’s worth betting on the Syrian people”. Mhanna believes a stronger Syria will eventually emerge that has “sounder relations with its neighbors, and focus more on its own development rather than destabilizing Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine”.
    Politics aside, I hope he’s right and that the suffering that’s been endured will result in something positive.

    Does our friend BeirutSpring still think I’m pessmistic?

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