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    Poll: Elections Under Threat?


    Time for another poll. This time discussing security threats and the elections:

    Do you fear that security problems threaten the organisation of elections on the 7th of June?

    • Yes, elections cannot be held if periodic clashes erupt throughout the country. (56%)
    • No, nothing will stop the electoral process. (36%)
    • I don't know. (8%)

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    Please join the discussion in the comments section>.

    6 responses to “Poll: Elections Under Threat?”

    1. Nadim K. says:

      I don’t think ‘periodic clashes’ would stop the elections, so I voted no.
      However, if there is another May 7th type occupation of beirut or other parts of Lebanon by you-know-who then it would definitely make holding elections impossible.

    2. ramez says:

      Sarna 4 snin 3am ninzil 3a sé7it l hiriyé w sarlna 4 snine 3am nidfa3 daribit mouwatiniyitna dam mich michén nkhaf w nismah la yalli bado ywa2if l 2intikhabet yinjah nchala badna nitfa3 dam, l 2intikhabet bada tsir Jibran l Twayné, René Mouawad ,Samir Kasir,Rafik l hariré,Antoine Ghanime ….. w ktar ghayroun ma stachhado kirmél yi2dar l sléh ywa2ifna aw hata yir3ibna, nihna wled l hiriye nihna wled l dimoukratiye nihna wled l tajaddod…… yalli bifakir yilgé l 2intikhbet bil 2ouwe bin2ilou 2inta 2adir bas ntibih shouf shou sar bil souré mitil madal l souré snine mhayman 3ala baladna w 3ala dawlitna bil 2ékhir tili3 jaycho w 2isim min moukhabarato hiné w hatine rasoun bil 2arid nafis l massir lah ysir la kil shakhis bifakir y3atil massirit biné2 l dawlé wa takwiyit l jaych l libnéné

    3. AGM says:

      That’s the spirit Ramez. Keep it up!

    4. Ibrahim Zebibo says:

      there is a real threat for the elections if the international court of PM Rafic al Hariri announced the names of the criminals who participated in the assassination of PM Rafiq Al Hariri before the elections.

    5. Ibrahim, care to elaborate on that??

      Nothing will stop the elections. There is a strong Lebanese will for them to happen, especially that both sides already think they won. The Intl community also seems to be pushing hard in that direction. Unless an all-out civil war breaks, I dont think the elections are in danger.

    6. Hikmat says:

      I don’t think that both are convinced they won, although they are both saying it. The 7th of May coalition and the Syrian regime need to win this election badly and I am afraid they will use any means necessary to guarantee a parliamentary majority.
      As Michel Aoun is loosing ground, the chances of security problems before the elections are getting higher. Michel Aoun’s opposition to the one-day election as well as the security breaches we witnessed in the past week are, in my opinion, an introduction to a series of events aiming to frighten the christian population and ultimately to postpone the elections.

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