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    T-Shirts don’t fix the tourism sector, Minister Abboud

    Yesterday I couldn’t help thinking that the image of Change and Reform ministers walking into the cabinet session wearing t-shirts in support of Jeita Grotto’s bid to become a new natural wonder was a cheap media trick designed to boost the profile of the Aounist bloc’s tourism minister Fadi Abboud.

    All Lebanese should be proud of the awesome and unique beauty of Jeita Grotto,  and it’s our duty to vote for it at www.new7wonders.com. But this doesn’t hide the fact that Lebanon’s tourism infrastructure badly needs reform so that it can adequately promote the Grotto and encourage tourists to visit it. So Mr. Abboud, take off the t-shirt, get off the TV, and look at our smart suggestions on how to spend the LL18.5 billion that you’ll be given in the 2011 budget to spend on the tourism sector.

    Doreen KHOURY

    One response to “T-Shirts don’t fix the tourism sector, Minister Abboud”

    1. LebExile says:

      it doesn’t hurt to have some pride in your country or to promote it where you can.
      I’m not an Aounist – actually , I’m very anti Aoun, but give credit where credit is due. Yes, it may be cheap and tacky, but at least they have some pride in their country, and do what they can to promote it – maybe if we did the same, attitudes would be different.

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