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    Norway’s AUF Responds to Tajaddod Youth’s Condolence Letter

    Norway’s Labour Party Youth (AUF) responded today to the condolence letter Tajaddod Youth sent on July 23, the day after the terrible massacre in Oslo and Utøya. Here is what Julie Lødrup, AUF official, wrote:

    We are very grateful for the wave of sympathy and support that has reached us from all over the world after the brutal attacks in Oslo and on Utøya. It has warmed our hearts in a dark hour for the whole country.

    The most important task now is to help the victims, their families and everyone else who has been affected.

    As Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg declared, “Evil can kill individuals, but it can never defeat a whole people”.

    We will respond by strengthening our democracy and regaining our sense of security.

    Tajaddod Youth members will always be the partners of AUF and all young progressives and liberals across the world in their long endeavour to strengthen democracy and justice.

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