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    Baath party attack on Saida Pharmacy: Will the Mikati government bring these thugs to justice?

    Baath party official attacks Saida Pharmacy

    This video showing the head of the Baath party in Saida Mustapha Qawas and his thugs assaulting pharmacists because they turned his nephew away (who didn’t have enough money to pay for some medicine) may prove to be a metaphor for the new Lebanese government.  All we have to do is listen to Qawas parting threat:

    I’m Mustapha Qawwas. God talks to me with respect. You know the police? You know the head of the government? Even they can’t do anything to me. I’m going to destroy this place. I’m gonna shoot both you and the police. I am waiting for you. My soldiers are waiting.  I am the head of the Baath Party. You know what I mean? I’m not even afraid of god. If I hear anyone saying a word, in the name of god I’m going to destroy this pharmacy.

    These are the allies of the new Lebanese government – pro-Assad regime thugs who think they are more powerful and important than Prime Minister Mikati. Forget about the very convenient release of the Estonian bikers (who suddenly appeared from the Syrian border, thus simultaneously showing the Assad regime’s “goodwill” and boosting the new government’s law and order credentials) – will Mikati and Interior Minister Marwan Charbel arrest and charge Qawas? Or is everyone allied to this government above the law? One final question to the Prime Minister: After watching this video, can we say that stability is more important than justice?

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