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    The ‘residents of Beirut’ congratulate their ‘first true representative’ Nicolas Sehnaoui on his appointment as Minister

    Since Nicolas Sehnaoui was appointed Minister of Telecommunications, a poster has appeared in the Gemmayzeh district of Beirut, congratulating Sehnaoui as the first true representative of Beirut residents.  Interestingly, the poster is signed by the ‘residents of Achrafieh, Rmeil, Saifi, and Mdawar’.

    Now, we don’t want to nitpick, but who are these ‘residents’ exactly? Why is there no link to a website which tells us their names? And on what basis is Sehnaoui, who lost in the 2009 Beirut elections, the first true representative of Beirut’s residents? Of course this means that other iconic Beirut Ministers such as Former Deputy Prime Ministers Ghassan Tueni, Fouad Boutros, Habib Abu Chahla, former President Charles Helou, former ministers Joseph Moghayzel, Nasri Maalouf, and even his dad Maurice Sehanoui (minister in Omar Karami’s government 2004-05) were not true Beiruti representatives?

    Of course this is definitely (NOT) a ploy by a certain party to boost a Minister’s electoral chances for the 2013 elections, and the Minister is definitely (NOT) going to use his position for election purposes…

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