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    More than 40 Experts Analyse the Social, Economic, Political, Ideological and Digital Components of the Arab Spring

    In May 2011 the Heinrich Böll Foundation published a special edition of its Perspectives Magazine, focusing on “People’s Power – The Arab World in Revolt“. More than 40 Arab experts discuss and analyse various components that triggered the popular revolts and that will be critical to the success of their democratic quest, such as:

    – The revolution of ideas
    – The new political culture in the Arab street
    – The role of traditional and new media
    – The social costs of authoritarianism
    – The international impact and security implications.

    Tajaddod Youth’s Doreen Khoury, member of the Democratic Renewal Movement‘s executive committee, published a paper in this report, titled “Social Media and the Revolutions -How the Internet Revived the Arab Public Sphere and Digitalized Activism“. She argues that “both the fanciful branding of revolutions as ‘Facebook revolutions’ on the one hand and the outright dismissal of the role of social media and blogs in revolutions on the other hand, miss the point.”

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