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    New Poll: “If you were an American voter…”


    If you were American, who would you vote for?

    • Barack Obama (75%)
    • John McCain (21%)
    • I wouldn't vote (3%)
    • I don't know (1%)

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    Our voters are invited to discuss their choice in the comments section>.

    10 responses to “New Poll: “If you were an American voter…””

    1. Toni says:

      I think the lebanese always see both candidates in any american election as equivalent (wich is true because of their inconditional support to Israel). But this year the Obama effect can’t be neglected and the impact he would have on the traditional (extremist) americans would be huge being a black man. He’s young and new and fresh whereas McCain is “deja vu”. That’s partly why i voted Brack.

      As a Lebanese 14M supporter, the question is: will Obama enter negociations at the expense of our country with Iran and Syria or will he keep on insisting on our independance?

    2. maya says:

      good luck for Obama!!!

    3. Sa2ed says:

      People actually voted for McCain? Not as a Lebanese citizen that just wants to get Iran off his back, but as an American Voter, you actually think McCain can better serve America than Obama?? I don’t see how that’s even remotely possible with someone progressive enough to be on this website.

      The way I see it, Bush (and now McCain) will always be the biggest recruiters for Al Qaeda and Iran around the globe. Their immense growth in popularity around the Islamic world over the past few years only serves as proof. Bush is partly responsible for Iran gaining power in Lebanon and Iraq,for the emergence of small Al Qaeda cells all over the world such as Fateh Islam in Lebanon, for non-action against Sudani genocide in Darfur, for miscalculated adventures by Israel in 2006, and for a whole lot of shit going on in the Middle East (that is if we ignore the collapse of the intl financial system, the Russian comeback, and all that other scary shit). […]…and yes, only Obama can save the day.

    4. George Sabat says:

      […]Yes, I am an American and proud to be. Yes, I shall vote for Barack Obama, though in the past I used to vote Republican. But in the last few years I have been disappointed with their policy in all respects, whether from the invasion of Iraq which should have never happened, to their refusal to dialogue with their adversaries, to their failed and short sighted economic policy that allowed, among other things, some gigantic balls up like the Enron bankruptcy and now the catastrophic international financial crisis. I believe that Obama, though I don’t expect any miracles from him, will tend to be more transparent in his governance and will try to care more for the “small man” than the Republicans did.
      He may also turn out to be “greener” and more tolerant in his social policy.
      But, ABOVE ALL, I hope that his “open dialogue policy” will mean to us in Lebanon that the new US Administration, and their representatives here, like USAID, will encourage some open discussion with all the parties in this country that CPI, our Lebanese Center for Public Information has been advocating for the past three years.
      For all these reasons I shall vote Democrat and I shall encourage as many people as possible to do so.

    5. Nadim K. says:

      The way I see it, as a Lebanese:
      One is idealistic enough to be gentle with Syria/Iran when it comes to Lebanon
      The other is dumb enough to bomb Iran…

      But if foreign affairs were the least of my worries I would vote for Obama. McCains policies don’t make sense to me, and imagine if he dies (and he’s quite close) Sarah Pallin would be president. Need I say more?

    6. N.A.H says:

      Nadim, how is being gentle to Syria and Iran when it comes to Lebanon a realistic thing?

    7. Nadim K. says:

      I said idealistic! not Realistic!

    8. N.A.H says:

      Even worse ! :)
      Anyways i meant idealistic but its 4h30am here !

    9. Nadim K. says:

      I think it’s naive to think you can get anything out of those two the soft way…
      But actually bombing them would be even worse!
      What’s your point?

    10. Hadi says:

      i think a more accurate word nadim would be ‘pragmatic’

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