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    Joke of the Day

    ميشال عون من طهران: “تهمنا صداقة ايران لانها لا تدعم فريقا على حساب آخر، ولا تحرض اي لبناني على آخر، وعلاقاتها طبيعية مع الدول المجاورة”.”

    Lebanese Communist Party, Lebanese National Resistance, Amal Movement, Future Movement, Progressive Socialist Party, March-14… a long list of political groups that (never?) suffered from Iran’s support to Hezbollah? Awaiting your confirmation Michel Aoun!

    As for the “normal relations” with neighboring countries, this is even funnier… The Emiratis, Saudis, Azeris, Bahreinis (to name a few) will join us in laughing.

    3 responses to “Joke of the Day”

    1. That is really funny…

      Where did you get that quote from?

    2. AGM says:

      Directly from the Michel Aoun’s joint press conference with Iranian foreign minister Muttaki. You can check it on the Aoun-friendly newspaper Al-Akhbar: http://www.al-akhbar.com/ar/node/96818

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