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    New Poll: Dialogue


    What do you expect from the Dialogue Conference that will be held in the Presidential Palace starting September 16th?

    • No results (50%)
    • Negative results (23%)
    • Positive results (21%)
    • I don't know what to expect (6%)

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    Please feel free to discuss your choice in the comments section>.

    12 responses to “New Poll: Dialogue”

    1. N.A.H says:

      What can we expect from the dialogue after listening to Qassem’s conditions and Nawwaf El Moussawi’s comments !!!
      Since I am a pretty optimistic person i voted “No results” instead of “Negative Results”

    2. Faisal Nsouli says:

      Winds of change have arrived. Regional developments dictate positive results in Lebanon. I voted for positive results!

    3. N.J. says:

      Of course no results will be the product of this Dialogue Conference. As long as there is a party that believes every victory is sent from God, and the Lebanon’s sovereignty and independance is far less important than their narrow interests, then this dialogue is useless!!

    4. Saed says:

      This dialogue is an extremely worthless attempt at wasting time and keeping people busy ahead of the elections. Nothing will be reached before the elections, during which the dialogue will be postponed to an undetermined date that would never come.

      In addition to what N.J. mentioned; as long as there are […] like Jumblatt,that seem to spare no effort at diminishing the state by striking deals with the devil, whoever that may be; as long as there are retards like Aoun that like to make use of the crumbs left over to him by the devil; as long as their are pansies like Hariri who represent us on that table, but are too afraid to say the truth when faced by the devil, what are we expecting?

      Hariri and Jumblatt seem to be backing out from targeting the existence of Hizbollah’s weapons as a main reason for Lebanon’s instability. Aoun is already on board as Shitbollah’s penny-collector. Meanwhile, the Geageas and the Gemayyels are too busy quarreling over who will be the Christians’ next great Messiah. What a great team we have bringing our demands forward on the outrageous dialogue table.

    5. George Sabat says:

      CPI The Lebanese Center for Public Information
      NGO registered at the Ministry of Interior under reference 450 AD
      Tel. 04 521832 Mobile: 03 149337 Email: admin@lebcpi.org website: http://www.lebcpi.org

      Ref: 01
      Comments upon the article of Rima Abushakra regarding the soon to be held national dialogue

      The issue of Hezbollah’s arms is very complex. By all means let us discuss it during the national dialogue but let us not delude ourselves that it can be resolved overnight.

      In our view, at the end of some long and protracted discussions, the parties to the dialogue are likely to reach the following compromises.

      As long as Hezbollah agrees that the Lebanese Army is solely in control of every inch of Lebanese territory, a deal to allow Hezbollah to operate its own forces, under some sort of army’s supervision, can be probably reached.

      This would most likely mean that the Lebanese Army will be allowed free access to the entire Lebanese territory and that Hezbollah members must abide by the law of the land like all the rest of the citizens.

      In case of conflict of any sort, the Army or the Security Forces would have the “sole” right to maintain order.

      Hezbollah members will then be allowed to keep their arms, strictly within their camps, until a full settlement is reached in the area.

      Hezbollah would not have the right to carry out any military action “unilaterally”. Only the State will be allowed to declare war, or to undertake any actions susceptible to cause war.

      Some agreement about the necessity for a stricter control over our border with Syria will probably be arrived at. Syria will then promise to cooperate actively in that area. A motion to post additional Lebanese, Arab or foreign observers along the border will possibly be accepted by the majority of the participants to the dialogue.

      We estimate that if such terms can be agreed upon by all the parties, some significant progress will have been achieved with regard to the national security and the recognition of the State’s authority over the entire territory of Lebanon.

      That understanding, once it is finalized, would then permit our leaders to concentrate upon seeking the solutions to the grave problems that hamper this country’s economic development and growth. These issues have often been ignored in the past and cannot be postponed indefinitely.

      In future articles we intend to expose in detail the economic and the governance problems that we currently face in Lebanon and the measures that should be adopted to alleviate their effects. We shall particularly dwell upon the necessity for our decision makers to set upon the task of drawing up a global five years national economic development plan that will serve to boost the economic growth and reduce the budget deficit.

      George Sabat (Director)

    6. NHS says:

      What to expect from people who praised the Arms of the Resistance before Dec 2005, were fiercely against its weapons and its divine victory for three consecutive years and decided now to co-exist again with its weapons and its state in order not to “fall on the brink of another civil war again”? Some anti-Hezbollah leaders (whatever the reasons are, whether they like it or not) have already made piece with the weapons even before going to the national dialogue. So what’s left? Hizbullah has already enforced its authority on the Lebanese people and the state’s authority… In order to show its good faith in front of the public opinion, the party will come to a compromise with Hariri and “accept” not to threaten us with weapons agan (who already announced his opinion and not to use the weapons for political purpose)… SO I VOTED NO RESULT… ALTHOUGH I SHOULD HAVE VOTED NEGATIVE RESULTS SINCE LIKE “N A” I’M AN OPTIMISTIC PERSON

    7. Toni says:

      We will probably get a result concerning the strategy. Probably a mecanism of coexistance between Hezbollah and the Army. That means no result.

      But a very good result would be some sort of understanding that no weapons will be used for political purposes and the guaranty that the 2009 elections will be fair and without pressure of any kind.

      That would be great

    8. AGM says:

      Why would any side compromise now on any point while they can wait for the 2009 elections and impose new realities based on the elections results?

      This is why I’m not expecting anything substantial out of the Dialogue Conference.

    9. NHS says:

      Let’s be proud on something they’ve agreed on… THE CHAIRS ARE UNCOMFORTABLE

    10. Noun says:

      Definitely Negative Results… History showed that during last Dialogue Conference, 2 years back, once Hezbollah got squeezed in the negotiations, he enforced July war on Lebanon. What has changed since? And why would he give up on any of his “convictions” now????? Let’s hope we will avoid a war this time…

    11. Adam says:

      Just hope that 14 March Reps will not be forced to accept Hezbollah’s arms

    12. salam bitar says:

      the reasonal expectations r limited
      however we expect from 14th march more solidarity and union
      we expect them to put hizbullah under the huge scope of breaking the constitution laws and killing under the mask of self defending once ,and mukawama another time
      all to have power in any illegal way
      i dont expect from any political mafia like them to give promises of peace or common living on equal basis or respect in the minimum level
      their dream is beyond th eboundries
      and their loyality is not to lebanon
      so from their side i cant trust
      but our union and standing in their way no matter what will be the price is our last refugee
      our belief in lebanon is our choice
      since its birth
      will give us the strength to stand
      our belief in the government under the support of presidnt sanoura and president sleiman and the lebanese army only
      will save lebanon
      our memrendum of prime minister rafiq hariri and all our lebanese martyrs is a huge duty toward their blood ,and their aim of death was to lebanon’s survival
      after all, we cant but pray to God to save lebanon
      and his people
      when their is a will, there is a way
      politics in lebanon
      is commitment to people who gave alot
      lets remember what one of the american presidents said once
      dont think what ur country provide u
      think what u can give to ur country
      this what i dream to have from all deputies , national conferences, and from lebanese people first
      they should believe to get
      they should pay tax
      they should support the army
      they should act in a civilized way, …………………………………………………………………..
      i mean here areas out of the lebanese society, and culture
      i definitely missed alot
      but trying to sum up
      i send my greetings to all 14th of march people , representatives and deputies
      mainly to president sanyoura, sheikh saad, and special greeting to Mr. misbah ahdab
      u r our spokeman, and expecting from u alot like others
      defender, reformer, leader,
      lebanon is a gift,
      i expect all of u to put limits under the name of constitution, taif, for all outlaws whether in 8th of march or others
      unfortunately, i c those people r terroists
      love blood
      love war
      love damage
      their acts proved that in beirut and everywhere in lebanon
      and it seems the road to liberty is still far and paying more blood is still dominant
      the choice is to bear despite everything
      to be or not to be is the question
      proud to be lebanese
      god bless u all

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