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    Aoun Defends His Stance Against “Syrian Terrorism”

    I just discovered these two articles on naharnet that date back to 2002 and 2003. I really wonder what Aounists and DRMers have to comment about them.

    Aoun Defends His Stance Against “Syrian Terrorism”

    Presidential aspirant Nassib Lahoud’s Democratic Renewal Movement has flatly denounced the legal proceeding the state prosecution has brought against Gen. Aoun for testifying before the U.S. Congress that the United States should intervene to terminate Syria’s tutelage over Lebanon.
    “Gen. Aoun’s case is one hundred percent political and the judicial system should not be drawn into it,” said a DRM statement. “The judiciary should not be dragged into another adventure like the cancellation of Gabriel Murr’s by-election victory in the Metn district and the closure of his MTV network last year.”

    Nassib Lahoud thus became one of few politicians in Lebanon to defend Aoun against a scathing campaign of abuse waged by Syria’s allies in Lebanon, many of whom demanded that he be tried before a Beirut court of law on a charge of high treason, which carries the death penalty.

    The state prosecution is suing the exiled general on charges of undermining state authority and damaging Lebanon’s relations with a sister Arab country, Syria. These charges are punishable by a prison term ranging from two months to 15 years and banishment.

    Aoun has defended his appearance at Congress. “It is my natural right to express my opinion concerning the situation in the country,” he said in an interview carried by the French-language Beirut daily L’Orient Le Jour.

    “Syrian terrorism is not something I created. Many Lebanese have been kidnapped or have vanished. Others were murdered….I am ready to repeat everything I said (in Congress) and swear upon it” Aoun said.

    Beirut, Updated 27 Sep 2003, 10:09

    Aoun Sues Hrawi for $75 Million in Libel Damage

    General Aoun says he is suing ex-president Elias Hrawi for defamation of character, demanding $75 million in libel damage.

    “He has accused me of embezzling $75 million of state funds while I was interim prime minister from 1988 through 1990. I am suing him for the same amount,” Aoun said.

    Hrawi hurled the charge in his recently published memories of events during his 1989-1998-year presidency when the Lebanese civil war came to an end.

    Aoun, who was banished to France in 1991, said he had directed his Lebanese attorneys to sue Hrawi for libel before a Beirut court of law.

    “Arrangements for the lawsuit are under way.”

    Aoun was speaking to reporters after a meeting he held in Paris with presidential aspirant Nassib Lahoud.

    It was the first meeting between the only opposition leader left in exile and the towering opposition leader at home, who heads the Democratic Renewal Movement.

    Aoun said their views were 100 percent identical on objectives and 90 percent in harmony about methods to regain Lebanon’s sovereignty.

    “This, of course, should be done with an excellent relationship with Syria maintained. I reject animosity toward Syria,” said Aoun.

    Beirut, Updated 09 Jul 2002, 13:30

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