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    New Poll: Priorities


    What should March-14’s priority(ies) during the 2009 elections campaign be?

    (Up to 2 choices)

    What should March-14's priority(ies) during the 2009 elections campaign be?

    • Hezbollah's weapons (62%)
    • Economic and social issues (54%)
    • Internal security issues (37%)
    • Modernisation of the political system (10%)
    • Other (Please Specify) (1%)
    • Don't know (0%)

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    Please elaborate your choice in the comments section.

    Readers will also be able to access this poll (and the others to come each month) in the sidebar to the right of each page.

    7 responses to “New Poll: Priorities”

    1. NLH says:

      Definitely socio-economic issues… at leat they can have a say in it… we all know that HA weapons are divine :)… so it’s God’s providence (personalized in a regional agreement / context) that can only address them.. winning elections based on a non-feasible plan is ridiculous…
      same goes for the internal security issue.. it’s beyond them…
      the modernization of the political party (it’s so cute to the see the political dynamics of feb 14… the most capitalist party aligned with the most socialist one… so when it comes to governance.. just forget it)…

    2. N.J. says:

      The socio-economic issue will always be a subject to discuss in any election and a field to be improved and enhanced by any party or coalition so that is a MUST! The other major concern must be putting an end to the internal security issue and all the violence occuring in different places in the country, last being the Tripoli Explosion. With respect to HA militia weapons, they should not be on the list of choices because they must NOT exsist in the first place!

    3. BC says:

      I don’t beleive you will try to accomplish any of the issues you are suggesting, i mean, do you actually have a socio-economic plan? do you know the actual poverty rates? or the real inflation rate? and how would you suggest to work on socio-economic issues while the main attacker of socio-economic demands is the hariri/seniours bloc!!!!

      and are you for real, are you really going to base your decision on an internet poll while the majority of working lebanese have no recurrent access to internet and moreover the site is in english, i mean who are you targetting in this poll, people who read english have internet access, i don’t think these people can be the real voice of the majority of the population.

    4. AGM says:


      Thanks for sending your comment.

      1- The topic is not about whether or not we have a socio-economic plan.
      2- We invite you to check the other sections of our website, mainly the “About Us” section and our “Library”. You might find several documents that could answer your questions.
      3- Where did you find that/What made you guess that we’ll base our decision on this very internet poll?
      4- This internet poll intends to gather the opinions of people like you.

    5. murad says:

      i dont know, if we are going to vote this year because it’s been a long time and still the same problem will never change. The most important thing should be increasing the Army and the police, we are a small country and we cant save the people. As i heard we have a new party stealling the cars on the road. Really this is a very bad news. pls see saudi arabia and how big country is and if u walk the street every hundred meters there is a policeman. wherever you go always the police is in the road.

      Is there any solution for that ?

    6. Michel Trad says:



    7. André S. says:

      Le “14 mars” n’est pas un bloc unifié, ni sur la vision du passé, ni sur la gestion du présent, ni sur les perspectives d’avenir; ni en matière de politique économique qui reste largement artisanale et taillée à la mesure des besoins clientélistes (qui croit encore aux labels “socialiste-progressite”/”libéral”?).

      Le 14 mars est une date que les zouamas/néo-zouamas et ex-miliciens blanchis remplissent du sens qu’ils souhaitent dans le but de se maintenir au pouvoir. Déjà, en faire une coalition politique est un acte de marginalisation de milliers de personnes qui ne sont pas venues applaudire les discours prolifiquement vides sur le “miracle des communautés libanaises”.

      Roulez, jeunesse.

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