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    Statement of the Week

    Deputy Prime Minister Issam Abu Jamra gives us this jewel of a statement:

    “The word deputy explains itself. The dictionary says that the word deputy means to replace the PM when he is absent or is unable to perform his duties.”

    I’ll take this opportunity to remind Mr. Abu Jamra not to confuse a Dictionary with the Constitution.

    Although the proposition raised may be valid, any changes should come through constitutional reform and not through Abu Jamra’s interpretation of his post.

    Maybe he just needs to look up “Constitution” in that dictionary of his.

    7 responses to “Statement of the Week”

    1. NLH says:

      you guys are pathetic.. could you please tell me what harm did Abu Jamra cause when asking for empowering the DPM position ? or just because it’s an FPM member, any proposal he submits is defacto dismissed ?

    2. AGM says:

      I reread the article trying to find where the author mentioned any “harm”. No result.
      I reread the article trying to find where the author dismissed the proposition, this is what I found “Although the proposition raised may be valid”

      So I decided to invite our dear NLH to join our efforts. I will look up the word “pathetic” in the dictionary mentioned in the article, and try to link it with what is written. And NLH would look up, in the same dictionary… every word of the article, maybe he can understand it better.

    3. NLH says:

      dont try to act smart and play on the semantics part ! it’s not working … give me the political perspective… where does DRM stand on this particular issue?
      and yes, i agree that a deputy should depute (i thought they taught you that in Saint-Germain, no?) … so again, where do you stand on empowering the DPM position?

    4. N A says:

      NLH, is the issue about empowering or using the powers given to the DPM by the constitution?
      Am confused….

    5. AGM says:

      What I like about NLH, is that he always starts with an out-of-topic drama-queen FPM-paranoia comment. He gets some replies that remind him how irrelevant his comment was, and then remembers to bring the discussion back to politics.

      It’s becoming a pattern.

      Let’s first start by respecting the powers of each official, as stated in the Constitution and our laws (i.e. the MPs elect a new President, the President and the Prime Minister appoint the ministers, the Deputy-Speaker of Parliament actually does what the bylaws of the Parliament allow him to do, the Higher Judiciary Council suggests the judges’ appointment lists…).
      If we feel afterwards that there are some problems or loopholes, we can come up with an amended “job description” for each position in the institutions (including the DPM) and follow the constitutional procedures to make the necessary adjustments.

    6. NLH says:

      the constitution do not specify such empowerement but the portocol by-laws *lawe7ey7 tanfiziey” do and some MPs present in Taef argue that the DPM position was agreed as active position not just symbolic one.. as such, i find no reason no to do so, or in case of unanimosity on the irrelevancy of such a position, it should be abolished…

      i dont mind admitting that i always tend to read ur post as a prefacbricated attack on FPM.. dont mind me on this one w khedni 3a add 3a2leti… if the other positions are not properly respected.. that doesnt mean the DPM one can not respected.. also amending a JD is not within scope here…for such a JD do not exist anyway… again i will ask this question..What is DRM stand on empowering DPM and why? – i need an answere related to the position itself and not to others positions being disrespected.

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