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    It Seems He Wasn’t Turned Off

    I was browsing the web getting up to speed on the latest news from Lebanon and I came across an interesting video. The interesting part is from 0:40 to 2:20.

    Interesting confession from a guy that I thought we had turned off forever on March 14th 2005 (طفينا القنديل)…

    I think this video summarizes very well the underlying logic of the March 8 alliance: “Democracy is good as long as we get what we want. If not, than we use force and still call it democracy. Bottom line is: we get what we want, and what we want defines democracy”.

    Amazing how people can be convinced by this logic and still call it democracy, when the fundamental advantage (and probably limitation) of democracy is that the majority’s views are enforced without undermining the right of the opposition to criticize and offer alternatives.

    Michel Aoun would at first sight seem like a real genius. I don’t know how he still pulls out convincing a big chunk of open and educated people in Lebanon that this is actually the right path going forward…

    Actually he probably isn’t a genius… He just looks like one compared to the amateurs (acting as if they are) running the show on the opposite side…

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