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    When Dalati & Nohra Inadvertently Get It Right

    Dalati & Nohra is the official photographer of the Lebanese government. The firm is known for its high quality pictures of presidential and ministerial meetings, but also for its frequent and often funny typos.

    Today the site has been displaying pictures of President Michel Sleiman meeting with parliamentary blocs to name the country’s upcoming Prime Minister. Look at this first picture of the President’s meeting with the Hezbollah “Loyalty to the Resistance”  bloc.

    Let’s no comment on the “Preident” meeting the “Democratic Gatering Parlimentary” bloc, and notice that Dalati & Nohra used the name of Walid Jumblatt’s ex-parliamentary bloc to define Hezbollah’s. Let’s also admire how democratic Hezbollah’s behavior has been over the last few days. What is more democratic than going through a regular consultation process, keeping in mind the friendly, spontaneous deployment of “men in black” across Beirut Tuesday morning?

    As for Jumblatt’s bloc, no suprise to notice what Dalati & Nohra named it:

    Jumblatt’s definitely leads now the “Loyalty of the Resistance” bloc (a.k.a National Struggle Front). Didn’t you listen to his press conference Friday afternoon?

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