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    Kuntar the Honorable


    Well, ladies and gentlemen, the freed national “hero” Samir Kuntar is using a very “divine” language these days. Perhaps setting a trend to be followed in the coming days? Well he is the idol we should abide by, is he not?

    شن الاسير المحرر سمير القنطار هجوماً لاذعاً على السفيرة الأميركية في لبنان ميشال سيسون، وقال خلال حفل أقيم تكريماً له في دارة الوزير طلال إرسلان “بالنسبة إلى السفيرة الاميركية وتهديداتها بانها ستلاحقنا نحن الاسرى، تصوروا أنها تأتي من اميركا لتلاحقنا في بلدنا واقول ما قلته بالامس، اعد هذه القبيحة باننا في وقت قريب جدا سنكتب على بوابات الوطن “ممنوع دخول الكلاب الضالة ورجالهم الى لبنان

    5 responses to “Kuntar the Honorable”

    1. Hadi K says:

      well march 14 politicians managed to receive him with the biggest festivities, Siniora even managed to make the day off, knowing what he cost to the country and to the project of march 14, this is what i call autohumiliation.

    2. Shunkleash says:

      Since the release of this […] it has surprised me how he always has an answer even to questions on matters that should not concern him. he has some good advisors thats for sure. He is the pride of lebanon? tfeh! I wonder if ALL OF OUR OTHER brothers in jail in Syria will look as healthy as this […]!

    3. N A says:

      Well, in Israel he was well connected.. He was following the news and reading all the papers… I wonder if he was connected to the internet too..

      Anyways, I feel sorry for myself because on several occasions I wrote him mails during my first AUB years!!!!

    4. Nadim K. says:

      You sent mail to a child killer?

    5. N A says:

      Nadim K, the circumstances and the values were different in 1979..
      Although I am against what Kuntar is currently saying, dont believe all what the Israeli media is saying about Kuntar….

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