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    New Government, New Poll


    “If you were a Member of Parliament, would you give the new government a vote of confidence?”Please feel free to elaborate your choice in the comments section.

    If you were a Member of Parliament, would you give the new government a vote of confidence?

    • Yes (44%)
    • No (33%)
    • Undecided (23%)

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    Readers will also be able to access this poll (and the others to come each month) in the sidebar to the right.

    19 responses to “New Government, New Poll”

    1. I voted undecided … as of yet.

      It all depends on the governmental statement/charter that will ensue. I think it should explicitly call for the discussion of a national defense strategy through which Hizballah weapons can be integrated into the state (or otherwise disposed of).

      I say discussion because, realistically, thats the most that can be expected at the moment (and from now to the next elections).

      Other clauses, such as calling for the release of all Lebanese prisoners from Syrian jails are also of critical importance.

      The less of these clauses the charter carries, the less likely I would be to give it my vote of confidence.

      (PS – I love polls!)

    2. Nadim K. says:

      I voted yes.

      The main reason for that being the quality of the ministers from 14M and the president’s portion of the cabinet.

      We have fresh faces, independents, specialists in relevant fields, etc..

      If we turned a blind eye to the opposition’s terrible choice of ministers (Gebran Bassil for telecomunications, wtf? The list goes on) this may be one of the best governments this country has ever had.

      The governmental statement is important, of course, but it is likely to be the fruit of yet another compromise. So I’m not expecting any strong words on Hizballah’s weapons.

      Dialogue should take place with them before any substantial change of tone at the national level can happen since in the excited state that Hizballah is in now, anything that “threatens” them could well end up as another invasion/occupation of our capital by their thugs.

      But anyway, all of the opposition Ministers owe their seats to Hizballah’s weapons, why would they do anything to disarm them?

      In terms of Hizballah’s weapons, I don’t think we can expect too much this time…

      (PS- So do I! When can we expect the next Blacksmiths poll??)

    3. Rayan B. says:

      I voted undecided.

      The reason for that is definitely the ministers of the 8th of March.

      On one side you have such professionals as Raymond Audi, Ibrahim Najjar, from the March 14th side, competent people like Ziad Baroud from the president’s portion, yet from the March 8 side, all we can see is Gebran Bassil, and not just him, but also ALI QANSO!! inno come on!

      I would give the government a yes if and only if the governmental statement is STRICT and CLEAR when it comes to Hezbollah’s weapons.

    4. NLH says:

      I voted no because Nassib Lahoud is part of it..As simple as that

    5. Nadim K. says:

      And what do you have against this Nassib Lahoud?

    6. NLH says:

      well, i cant see any asset of his to understand what kind of value could he add to this government ! all i can see is KSA wanting to empower him for the next elections… please elighten me what are the qualifications of this Nassib Lahoud that makes him, let’s say better than Nader Succar :) ?
      his feudal is enough for me !

    7. WALID ABDUL SAMAD says:

      mr.nasib lahoud is bigger than all the ministers. He should be the president , inshallah next time.
      Anyways I congratulate lebanon for this new government.
      I voted yes only because mr.nasib lahoud is part of this government

    8. Noubar Sofian says:

      We should usually wait for the policy formulation before voting yes on the cabinet. But with the presence of independent figures like Nasib Lahoud, Ziyad Baroud, Ibrahim Shamsedine and Tareq Mitri and respectable personalities such as Ibrahim Najar, Mohamad Shatah and Tamam Salam, I’m confident that Lebanon is on the right track!

    9. Hadi K says:

      I am still undecided.
      I ll be waiting for the ministerial statement, if the statement is similar to the last one, then surely no confidence. If it is different, and highlights that there are points of differences regarding this issue, then i ll be ok.

      The presence of people like Ibrahim Najjar, Nassib Lahoud, Ziad Baroud, Ibrahim Chamseddine might outweigh the presence of people like Gebran Bassil, Ali Kanso, but from my point of view it wouldnt be enough to outweigh a bad ministerial statement.

    10. NLH says:

      man you guys are pathetic… u state Nassib Lahoub but not one of you was able to state what could he add to this government value proposition ! 3anjad enkon tajadod dimou-kraty

    11. NLH says:

      for god’s sake admit your aounophobia and that you are breathing the air provided by ur animosity for this man !
      anyway ma byen3atal hamkon…kelkon beit w tanour… am out!

    12. NLH says:

      @ Walid Abou Samad
      the one who wants to make it to preisdent should win the mp elections first

    13. N A says:

      NLH, you can check Mr Nassib Lahoud’s cv in the Tajaddod press room for more info on his qualities and his added value to the government.

      As for talking about a Aounophobia, well it doesnt seem that credible specially coming from a person who voted no “only because Nassib Lahoud is part of the gov” !

      Finally, Are you happy with the ministers named by the March8 parties?
      Do Bassil, Skaff, Kanso, Fneish, Saloukh represent your ambitions?


    14. ramez saade says:

      ya NLH first why you dont write your name you should do it ma l sleh ma3koun w ma fi gherkoun zi3ran any way l chabeb ktir mhazbin w siyesit harakit l tajaddod mich haki bala ta3me so i think mich mich 3am birido 3lek mitil ma lezim yinrad ” law bitrayihna min hadisak l bala ta3me w ana i voted no because bira2ye nassib lahoud should not be b houkoume fiya ness bala fihim fa fakkir 1000 marra abil ma tihke 3an nassib lahoud w law btiktoub 2ismak walla bikoun 2ahsan bas l zahir jaben “w 2ihtiraman lal site mich lah 2ihke aktar min hek”.

    15. NLH says:

      @ NA
      does Mr Nassib’s cv include the Sa3ika part :) ?
      and no i dont see bassil, skaff, kanso and the others any better than Nassib Lahoud or up to my ambitions… 2 wrongs do not make one right..still i want someone to tell me why is Nassib Lahoud in this govt.
      @ ramez saade…
      dude i stopped reading ur comment at ” el sleih ma3kon” … how did u assume i am 8 march or even Hizbulla..pffff… same stereotypes everywhere…u re not even worth a reply

    16. Ayman M. says:


      You stopped reading Ramez’s comment when he wrote “El sleih ma3kon”… Do you expect anybody would continue reading your comment after the “Sa3ika” hint?
      It is an honour for us that the kind of people who believe the Sa3ika story do not support us.

      He falls into a childish photoshop masquerade and then asks for rational details about qualifications and achievements… LOL… And he wants to be taken seriously.

    17. NLH says:

      if u know my incentives to come here and debate, u would be surprised… i refered to sai3ka as a joke, no more no less.. i was pushing the DRM youth to bring out what their are proud of..sadly they didnt.. nor did u.. so atypical of u… seems the german weather affected u somehow 😉
      anyway to play the devil advocate, the sa3ika is still something debatable… but my political affiliation, if i had any, is somethng private to me… u know better that not each critic to DRM means that the one who said it pro hizbulla or FPM like u refered …
      anyway if u are failing to answer me, i think this debate is hopeless..
      am out

    18. Hadi K says:

      # NLH Says:
      July 17th, 2008 at 9:25 am edit

      for god’s sake admit your aounophobia and that you are breathing the air provided by ur animosity for this man !
      anyway ma byen3atal hamkon…kelkon beit w tanour… am out!

      This is what NLH said when he lost his temper earlier, at some point later he wants us to beleive that he is not politically affialited, not to mention that Ayman didnt at all hint to anything related to his political affiliation.
      Critics to DRM are welcomed as long as they qualify as critics.

    19. Cyril K says:

      j’ai votez “undecided” en attendant que s’eclaircice les points sur les armes du hizballah mais aussi en attendant de voir ce que l’on peu et ce que l’on doit attendre des ministres du 8 mars…

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