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    Ziad Majed’s New Paper on “Hezbollah and the Shiite Community”

    Ziad Majed‘s “Hezbollah and the Shiite Community: From Political Confessionalization to Confessional Specialization” is a new paper that analyzes the evolution of the Shiite political elites within the Lebanese confessional and consociational political system. It also explores the circumstances that gave rise to Hezbollah and established it as the most popular and powerful force in the Shiite community. The paper explains recent political developments in Lebanon, particularly the mounting Sunni-Shiite tensions, and offers recommendations to address the ongoing Lebanese political crisis.

    The Aspen Institute and the Lebanon Renaissance Foundation published this paper and released it during an even in Washington DC on December 1st 2010. During this conversation (click to WATCH IT), experts debated Mr. Majed’s recommendations and discussed events on the ground in Lebanon, including the implications of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon as it relates to the Shiite community.

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