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    Aoun Wants Frangieh Jr as Interior Minister

    I couldn’t help but remember that Frangieh Junior’s last action as Interior Minister before the Karami government fell was to try and ban opposition protests on the 28th of February 2005 (which of course was a miserable failure).

    I wonder how Aoun’s supporters feel about this attempt to bring him back.

    In any case, here are a few pictures in memory of the cause Aoun and many of his supporters seem to have forgotten, courtesy of AFP and AP:

    Monday 28th of February, opposition protesters gather in Freedom Square to demand the resignation of the Karami government in defiance of an Interior Minsistry ban.

    The “Cedar Revolution” was seemingly a mere semicircle…

    One response to “Aoun Wants Frangieh Jr as Interior Minister”

    1. Nadim Jalbout says:

      Very striking images…!

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