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    Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ next target: Nigeria !

    After Lebanon’s Hizbollah, Palestine’s Islamic Jihad, Iraq’s Mehdi Army, Bahrein’s Hizbollah… The next target for the Iranian Revolutionary guard seems to be Nigeria.

    Nigeria is an easy target… Many tribes fight over vast pieces of Oil rich lands. Those tribes need weapons and military consultancy in order to have the upper hand in the battle.

    Check the pictures… And notice the similarities with Hizbollah’s marches in Lebanon (Uniforms, Leaders’ look alike, Pictures displayed ….)

    Even the bodyguards look alike !























    Photos Credits: World Defense Review

    5 responses to “Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ next target: Nigeria !”

    1. Ayman M. says:

      Simply AMAZING!!!!

    2. Toni SFEIR says:

      Unbelievable!!!!! Is that a joke??

    3. N A says:

      It doesnt seem like a joke!
      More infos are needed on this subject !

    4. Black Panther says:

      We must be really out of discussion topics to spread these “news”

    5. Nadim K. says:

      @Black Panther
      If you dont think that Hizaballah-style militias becoming Iran’s main export is alarming then what can I say…

      On a side note, I wonder what they’ll be “liberating” in nigeria?

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