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    In Need of a President…

    Lebanese President EMILE LAHOUDOnce again, Lahoud leaves his country in the midst of all the turmoil. No not Nassib Lahoud, but rather our dear president Emile. Lebanon is on the verge of electing a new president, with one side threatening not to attend the elections, while our pro-Syrian president has done nothing to heal the mind-boggling situation. It is not the first time he (Lahoud) leaves his people behind; he has done so on numerous occasions before.

    Is that what the Lebanese people look for in a president? Isn’t it time for Lebanon to have a president worthy of that title?

    Tomorrow the Lebanese parliament convenes in order to elect someone suitable for the first chair. Our only wish in such times is that the president-to-be is elected on the basis of his history, his ability to communicate well between all the Lebanese parties, on a clean sheet with respect to corruption. He should be a candidate who never succumbed to the Syrian powers and never will to any foreign power.

    We can only hope that this president is someone who supported the Lebanese people’s will for freedom by taking part in the cedar revolution. A president who actually has an economic vision to battle the poverty and to soften the hardships caused by the enormous debt the country carries.

    A president who never threatens and shouts, but rather calmly debates non-demagogic ideas as opposed to empty slogans.

    A president who would highlight long forgotten issues, most notably our neglected environment.

    A president who would be on his people’s side, who would confront any attempt to kidnap Lebanon, by staying here and working with his citizens instead of running away in his Speedos® or PJs.

    It is time for us to have a true president, a president with goals, with a vision, with a process, a president that would do the impossible to make sure his country progresses correctly.

    In times like these, we can only hope that our new president is the total opposite of Lahoud, Emile Lahoud.


    Special thanks to Hiba and Nadim.

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