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    Around the Blogosphere

    The Beirut Spring: “Patience Will Triumph”

    … Today, pro government hot-heads are seeing red. How dare they invade our areas and block our roads! “They need to be taught a lesson!” They spurt. But like in 2006, March 14 fans could do much worse than relax for a few days. Not because they’re cowards, not because they’re powerless, but simply because it’s the best way to beat Hezbollah’s thugs. …


    The Beirut Spring: “Showdown. A War Hizbollah Can’t win”

    … Today, Hezbollah needed a big fig leaf to cover its naked security assault on the government, on March 14 and on the average Lebanese citizen. Unfortunately for them, the cover the labor protests offered didn’t last much. It fell off as soon as Hezbollah’s own roadblocks prevented their hungry comrades from protesting. The party of god went on and raised the stakes, deciding to block off the roads to the airport …


    From Beirut to the Beltway: “The Hizbullah Generation”


    From Beirut to the Beltway: “Hizbullah’s Revenge”

    … The Hizbullah militia and its supporters spent a good part of the day terrorizing Beirut citizens, blocking major roads, and dumping dirt along the airport road, blocking access to the airport.
    Flights to and from Beirut’s Rafik Hariri airport have been canceled.
    Hooligans on motorcycles are touring Beirut neighborhoods, throwing insults and beating residents. Clashes between Hizbullah/Amal and March 14 supporters erupted in several mixed neighborhoods in the city. …


    Blacksmiths of Lebanon: “Pushed Over the Cliff”

    … The news today is not good. Gunfights in mixed Sunni-Shiite areas of Beirut persist while Hizballah/Amal have continued to block new roads with dirt, rubble, wrecked cars, sand mounds, and now cement blocks.
    Amplifying the fault lines drawn up by yesterday’s events [and indeed by Hizballah’s and Amal’s continued pro-Syrian/anti-Lebanese-state stances since the Cedar Revolution (and before)], the Higher Shiite Islamic Council, has come out in support of the destructive actions started yesterday …


    Blacksmiths of Lebanon: “Hizballah Undressed”

    … By some measures, the airport-siege initiated today, and now being projected to last at least one more day, is a miscalculation – the first casualty of which is Hizballah’s image … the second may have more to do with its logistics.
    Speaking to television audiences around the country and the Arab and Islamic world, Lebanon’s highest Sunni religious authority …


    Blogging Beirut: “The Lighter Side of a General Labor Strike”

    … most news agencies are writing about the clashes between the government and the opposition
    but that’s not news, it’s what everybody expected…
    … Blogging Beirut, however, is reporting the real news: the empty streets and lovely 5 minute drive to work that would have taken 30 minutes on any other day. …


    Jeha’s Nail: A Lebanese Soufflé

    … Today, we’ve been treated to a great meal of modern Lebanese Haute Cuisine; the soufflé. This Lebanese soufflé is made up of two parts; the unsavoury base, and the unwieldy mixture. …


    NOW Lebanon: “Put up or shut up”

    … Hezbollah has always been known for its industry and lately it has been nothing if not busy. As of late April, the party has repeatedly and unapologetically provoked, and undermined the authority of, the Lebanese government and Lebanese law enforcement.
    First there was the incident in Qomatiya …


    The Beirut Spring/From Beirut to the Beltway/Blacksmiths of Lebanon/Blogging Beirut/Jeha’s Nail/NOW Lebanon


    “Around the Blogosphere” is part of a tajaddod-youth.com series of articles opinions and press extracts in response to the May 7th events in Beirut.

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