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    Hizbullah: From Resistance to Occupation


    Wait, isn’t that gun pointing the wrong way?

    In effect, Hizbullah has found itself attacking its fellow Lebanese this Wednesday: Blocking the airport road and pouring their armed thugs into the streets of our capital is nothing short of an occupation.

    Forget the Shebaa farms, it is the very heart of our country that is being threatened this time, not by a Zionist enemy on the other side of the border, but by the so-called Party of God whose weapons are holy and whose objective should be to defend Lebanon, not dismantle it.

    Hizbullah should no long have the privilege of being called a Resistance force. Each en every free Lebanese citizen is part of the Resistance.

    Today, we’re resisting an attempt to hijack our country by Hizbullah, an Occupying force.

    Party of God, maybe… But of what God?

    Nadim K.

    “Hizbullah: From Resistance to Occupation” is part of a tajaddod-youth.com series of articles, opinions and press extracts in response to the May 7th events in Beirut.

    One response to “Hizbullah: From Resistance to Occupation”

    1. Rayan B. says:

      Mars, the god of war.
      Hassan NasrMars… sounds nice eh?

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