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    Nasrallah Captains the Ship to… War


    It is intriguing what I saw on the news yesterday. A so called “workers demonstration” thats blaming the Sanioura government for a GLOBAL increase in prices, started with the usual burning of tires, with the “protesters” innocently carrying guns as they go, and ended with an Almighty Nasrallah (are we even allowed to mention his name?) hijacking the Rafick Hariri International Airport. This demonstration included 12 RPGs fired in Ras el Nabeh area, clashes in every mixed area in Beirut, and attacks on the heroic national army, which, I have to admit, did not do much. The army should have interfered much earlier and took those thugs to justice.

    Alright. The airport got closed. Thats Hezbollah’s retaliation for the government’s wise decision of spreading its sovereignty, for deciding to take down the State of Hezbollah’s phone lines, for firing Choukeir from Airport security, for raising the minimum wage and hence rendering the strike futile.

    What did He achieve? As I write this article, armed militiamen are roaming the streets of Beirut. We destroyed the tourism season. Did I say we? I meant He. Lebanon is getting closer and closer to a civil war.

    One person from Hezbollah told the news agency “Faris”: Hells gates will open upon Sanioura’s government.

    The party of GOD, the holy party, is now opening the “six gates of hell”. Dealing with devil, are we?
    Today the Holy One will be holding a press conference. What will he say? “Had I known this would happen I would not have ordered the attacks to take place?”
    Law kuntu a3lam…

    Thank you for the violence. Thank you for the deaths. Thank you for the destruction. Thank you for the poverty. Thank you for sending us away. Thank you for the wars, 2006 and 2008. Thank you for everything.


    Karim H.

    “Nasrallah Captains the Ship to… War” is part of a tajaddod-youth.com series of articles opinions and press extracts in response to the May 7th events in Beirut.

    3 responses to “Nasrallah Captains the Ship to… War”

    1. Khaled says:

      yeah and no need to mention all the destruction that occured in summer 2006… and 2days actions should be repeated ever again… ant the nxt couple of days r realy critical for lebanon… hope some people will just wake up and realize wat’s best for lebanon… btw good article

    2. Naji says:

      Even though I’m a citizen with no political affiliations, I think this article makes perfect sense. Infact it highlights some very valid points not least of which is the divine image associated with a common militia leader. Intially I’m not one to take sides especially in politics but at the moment it seems hell is where hezbollah is. as the author pointed pout in his article. And also the author clearly mocks the cover used on this particular occasion “workers demonstration”……Are the workers really that mad? I had no idea !!! Good Job.

    3. Nassim says:

      Its quite interesting to see the clear intentions of the “party”that fights with the name of God,they demonstration was from the beginning to end up like this..whether Ghassan Ghosn (the great economist who listens to the ploritariates’ wants and works on supporting them) or other politicians know exactly the reason behind the inflation thats happening in the world and for it is to blame anyone its surely not the government but U.S and Iran!
      But as i mentioned earlier its not about a laborers demonstration, its about “revolution”!
      Hizbollah certainly lost all hopes in staying alive he committed suicide during July 2006! Its no more about “7koumet we7de wataniyeh” its about how to invent the government they want, they want to live alone, separated… but it is we who want to live together..its time to scream it out and let them leave..no way to end all this unless another Israeli attack on Hizbollah or U.S attacks Iran or Lebanese attack Hizbollah and end this..or else it wont end!

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