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    Bad Boys Bad Boys…

    The champion of rule of law, Lebanon’s number one rule enforcer [if i may call him so], is back at it. Our Minister of Interior, Ziyad Baroud, recently paid a visit to the “Dekwaneh Vehicle Registration Department”, where he personally investigated the corruption taking place there.

    The offenses committed included, but were not limited to, agents applying for driving licenses on behalf of their clients, without having them show up for the exam, and [shockingly?!] a law enforcement officer with an illegitimate number plate and unlicensed tinted windshields. Minister Baroud made sure that the offenders were punished according to the law, his personal attempt to improve Lebanon’s jungle of a traffic situation and to curb increasing car-related accidents and deaths.

    Such a crucial step will hopefully minimize the number of reckless drivers who are not even aware of what the driving regulations are, let alone abide by them, as a result of them not taking the exams. It is also a warning for the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, for if even they do not abide by the laws, how are they going to enforce them?

    The minister’s tour can be viewed here:

    Now some of you might be thinking that Minister Baroud is only doing this for a [well-deserved!] publicity stunt, especially since he is accompanied by all the media outlets. Ziyad Baroud is no super-man, and since there is no real political will to tackle Lebanon’s traffic situation, the media is one of the few yet effective tools for him to get his message cross:

    Bad boys, bad boys,

    Careful what you do,

    ‘Cos Ziyad Baroud’s gonna come for you!

    One response to “Bad Boys Bad Boys…”

    1. Hadi says:

      eh very good from minister Baroud and of course i agree the publicity stunt is well deserved, bass i hope to see him as abaday in the matter of airport security

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