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    That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

    Michel El MurrBye-bye: The political parasite has decided to leave its host.

    Yes, if you haven’t heard it yet, Michel El Murr is leaving the ‘Change and Reform’ block headed by Michel Aoun.

    Michel Aoun has once again been politically outmanoeuvred, this time by a more experienced and highly opportunistic ally. This could have been expected back in 2005 of course when the alliance was struck, it was indeed no more than an act of political piggybacking.

    Aoun, the host, needed to guaranty an electoral victory in the Metn district while Murr, the parasite, needed to insure his political survival after the retreat of his last hosts, the Syrians.

    But the relationship would not remain symbiotic for long. After last summer’s by-elections, where Aoun’s bloc only won by a very slim margin, it became clear that Aoun needed Murr just as much as Murr needed Aoun two years prior.

    The end result: A big dent in Aoun’s political record, and a few more years of life pumped into a political parasite par-excellence, bravo.

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    1. Nadim Jalbout says:

      One of my favorite articles!!

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