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    Picture of the Day: Hezbollah’s Armed Tourist Guides

    On Sunday May 16th 2010 Hezbollah organized a tour of some of their military posts in South Lebanon for USJ students. Hezbollah fighters showed visitors some of their military equipment, rockets and war rifles, and explained the range of each kind of weapons and their guerrilla techniques. This armed tour took place north of the Litani river, in an effort to show Hezbollah’s (own interpretation of) compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

    The tour was romantically named “Hawa Jnooby” or “Southern Wind”. Posters inviting students to take part in this event were stuck on walls surrounding USJ Beirut without any reference to its military aspect.

    This tour, a media and PR stunt, is yet another provocation and an attempt to assert or even impose a new culture on the Lebanese people in general and youth in particular. Hezbollah’s weapons, regardless of any justification, cannot be seen as a “normal” part of the political – or worse – cultural fabric.

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