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    A Moment of Contemplation

    As it has been expected, the Lebanese opposition has blocked the way for any presidential election for vast reasons, no point in repeating them now. I don’t know how much Lebanese this opposition is. Let us assume that this political group is an opposition with some Lebanese aspects. In aspects, I mean that it has a Lebanese face with a foreign soul. A lot has happened from the unsuccessful assassination of Mr. Marwan Hmade till this date. However, no internal or external political event has reduced the alarming gap of mistrust between the coalition of 14th of March and this opposition.

    Lately, the American USS Cole has arrived near the Lebanese regional waters and stirred up many questions about its coming. Its appearance has exposed, in a way, the conflict between the US government and the Syrian regime on the Lebanese file. It became evident that Lebanon is part of a larger clash, between dictators of the east and liberals of the west and not just between the local opposition and the government. Yet, the Syrian regime enjoys a symbiotic relationship with Israel, the strongest ally of the American government in the Middle East. The irony is that Israel benefits from this military regime by keeping its borders with Syria extremely quite and does not worry about Islamic extremists launching attacks on its entity. The Syrian government benefits from Israel by preserving its regime and staying dominant over some Arabian countries, such as Lebanon and Palestine. This is not just poetic talking, this is a pure fact. The latest evidence is the secret negotiations held on US grounds between a Syrian official and an Israeli one.

    The dynamics of politics in the Middle East are all interlinked in some way. The latest violent event happened in Syria with the assassination of a great military mind, Imad Moghniya. Such an assassination with such a simple execution raises so many questions especially when the target was a man who was thought to be non existent for so long and then nicknamed “The Ghost”. Nevertheless, if we go deep into the analysis of this assassination, taking into consideration the place and time of this event, we conclude that either the Syrian secret services have a leak on the highest level of management or that the Israeli secret services along side other secret services planned this elimination as a direct response on the Vinograd report. The importance of this report is its context that sent the Israeli government a devastating punch. Thus, the murder could have been for improving negotiation conditions with Hezbollah, the strongest enemy of Israel or for balancing the power scale between Israel and Hezbollah. The second irony to be noted is that Hezbollah which is the strongest ally of the Syrian regime in the Middle East is an arch adversary of Israel, the secret ally of Hezbollah’s ally. Consequently, there is a huge contradiction occurring on a daily basis and invisible to the ordinary citizen.

    The political situation in Lebanon seems to be directed towards disaster with huge fears of economic breakdown to follow. The probability of electing a president is diminishing day by day, and the upcoming events do not hold any good to the whole region. The question remains, are we destined to be a permanent battlefield for outsiders?

    I salute the Palestinian people who are defying death on a daily basis.

    I salute the souls of all who have fallen on the road of freedom and in the quest for Lebanon’s second independence.

    Nadim Jalbout

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