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    About Partnership

    In his speech during the funeral of Imad Moghnieh, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah accused Israel of this assassination and declared open war on the Zionist entity.

    During the last 18 months, Hezbollah has been engaged in a fierce internal battle in which all means were used, including paralyzing almost all state institutions and putting the country on the verge of civil conflict. This battle had a big title which is: Partnership; Hezbollah arguing that opposition in the country (Hezbollah being its major and largest component) should have veto power on decisions taken by the majority through the blocking third in the government.

    Between both demands there is a major contrast, on the one hand Nasrallah asks for veto power within the government under the banner of partnership, on the other hand he declares an open war without consulting any of the other factions in the country and mostly declares it from outside the state institutions.

    Partnership should start by giving back to the state what is originally for the state, meaning the decision of war and peace.

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