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    Asking the Right Questions

    Where is my vote? Lebanon

    The slogan “Where is my vote?”, first coined by the green revolutionaries of Iran, is now being adopted by some disenchanted March 14 supporters unhappy with their leaders’ handling of post-election politics.

    But unlike Iran where millions of votes effectively went uncounted and voices were silenced, Lebanon had free, fair and transparent elections.

    And it’s not like the electorate didn’t know who it was voting for either. Most of the candidates have been around on the political scene for decades, so it’s pretty fair to say that they got what they voted for.

    Visits to the dictator in Damascus, cuddling up with Hizbullah, it does seem that the elected majority has forgotten the mandate with which it was supposedly brought to power.

    Therefore the question shouldn’t be “Where is my vote?”, we know the answer to that one, but rather: “What the hell is my MP doing?”.

    It’s time we held our elected representatives accountable; and we can start by asking the right questions.

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