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    Electing a President, Voting New Laws… Now?

    From the Lebanese Parliament bylaws:

    المادة 6 

    يتولى نائب الرئيس صلاحيات الرئيس في حال غيابه أو عند تعذر قيامه بمهمته

    Article 6 of the Lebanese Parliament bylaws clearly stipulates that the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament holds the Speaker’s prerogatives in case of absence of the latter…

    Speaker Nabih Berri is in Germany, or in France. His office apparently first tried to conceal the story, so that people would not be interested in reading the Parliament bylaws… but it looks that indeed Berri is abroad.

    Food for thought…

    4 responses to “Electing a President, Voting New Laws… Now?”

    1. Hadi_K says:

      Can a law be voted outside the sessions of a parliament?
      You would be suggesting then that the government uses the presidential powers, in order to open an extraordinary session, but again will that make a constitutional amendment possible without the presence of the 2/3?
      If those 2/3 are not available, and obviously they are not, i think it is a bad idea.

    2. AGM says:

      Constitutional discussion was not my point :)
      However, the “extraordinary session” has already been opened by the Government.

    3. Hadi K says:

      I got your point, but again what is the point of confrontation in this case, if it will lead to nothing, i mean that without the presence of the 2/3 in the parliament, we cannot elect Michel Sleiman as a president.

    4. Nader_H says:

      I think that AGM’s idea can be at least used for political bickering.
      A communique from Farid Makari can be useful today :)
      As for voting law, well unfortunately the parliament is considered as “هيئة إنتخابية ” thus cannot vote for laws.

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