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    Will Burn Tires if Upset

    tire-burning.jpgCagoule, oil canister, calm. Or in one very sarcastic word: Spontaneous.

    The timing of yesterday’s riots was amazing: They came just as Arab League foreign ministers were meeting in Cairo to discuss Lebanon. The unrest had an obvious aim.

    But let’s not go into that. The official reason for destroying cars, burning tires, blocking roads, throwing grenades, and shooting at security forces was, of course, an electricity cut (EDL has said in a statement that when the protests started electricity was in fact being supplied).

    I won’t comment on if an hour of AC current is worth the blood of any innocent citizen, but what I will do is suggest ‘alternative’ means to make yourself heard in a democratic society:

    1. Write a petition. Civilised. To the point. Direct.
    2. Stage a LEGAL protest. The non-deadly kind.
    3. A boycott. Only downside: you have to be paying for the service in the first place for this method to prove effective.
    4. Start a blog. It’s quick, it’s free and it’s a good way to get the message across. You can get one here.
    5. Write to your local MP. That’s why you voted for him. But wait, parliament is closed…

    So next time, pick one of the above. Maybe there would be less confusion about the real motives behind the ‘street action’.

    Note: I am open to suggestions of other methods, provided they remain in the peaceful frame.

    One response to “Will Burn Tires if Upset”

    1. Ziad achkar says:

      Again Very good article and interresting, especially about the alternative means, especially about the boycott thing, a point that should be stressed on.
      maybe next time they will pay their bills before creating chaos

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