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    تجدّد بدون تردّد – Join the Democratic Renewal Movement

    تجدّد بدون تردّد

    Join the Democratic Renewal Movement.

    Join the Movement that embodies the dreams of March 14, 2005, before it got co-opted by traditional parties.

    Join the Movement where the word “principle” hasn’t lost its meaning.

    Join the Movement that gathers free Lebanese citizens from all confessions and regions, united for a modern, prosperous and democratic Lebanon.

    E-mail: join@tajaddod-youth.com or youth@tajaddod.org

    انضم إلى حركة التجدد الديموقراطي

    انضم إلى الحركة التي تجسد أحلام 14 آذار 2005 قبل أن تسيطر عليها الأحزاب التقليدية.

    انضم إلى الحركة التي حافظت على معاني كلمة “مبادئ”.

    انضم إلى الحركة التي تجمع مواطنين من كافة الطوائف والمناطق، متحدين من لأجل لبنان حديث، مزدهر وديموقراطي.

    E-mail: join@tajaddod-youth.com أو youth@tajaddod.org

    One response to “تجدّد بدون تردّد – Join the Democratic Renewal Movement”

    1. Lamia Moubayed Bissat says:

      “Dear Antoine, Dear Ayman, dearest friends
      Few words can curb your pain of losing to eternity a rare man and leader, HE Mr. Nassib Lahoud; maybe the thought that many people share your loss.
      To us all he was “The President” we always dreamt to have, the leader we tried to emulate, each in our little world, the model we wanted to prevail.
      We knew that he will not win, that he will not be given a cha…nce, that Lebanon will not be given a chance. But we hoped, prayed and dreamt he would, cause we had long decided he was the president of our dreams as rightly said by Omar Harkous.
      He will be missed and remembered only if his dream of a better Lebanon lives, his political model replicated, and a new generation of leaders emerges out of prevailing mediocrity.
      His noble stand, his profound insight, his resilient calm, and his pure integrity, will stay and inspire dreamers like me to keep stretching their limits and be firm in their convictions””

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