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    .About Us

    Who are we?

    Tajaddod Youth is the youth branch of the Democratic Renewal Movement (DRM). Tajaddod Youth is active in several Lebanese universities and has organised and participated in various political, social and cultural activities.

    The views expressed on the Tajaddod-Youth.com site reflect the opinion of their authors and therefore enjoys do not necessarily represent the official position of DRM or Tajaddod-Youth.

    Download the Booklet (Arabic) for more about Tajaddod Youth’s vision.

    What do we stand for?

    The vision of the DRM is that of a renewed political culture in Lebanon, founded on its attachment to democracy, unity and sovereignty, through the consolidation of the foundations of modernity and justice in our society.

    The DRM wants to offer the Lebanese youth the realistic possibility of staying in Lebanon, and to empower each and every Lebanese to truly participate in the development of their present and the determination of their future.

    The project put forward by the DRM is no doubt ambitious, but it is also realistic. It is realistic because it is necessary and because there is no longer any other alternative but to work together.

    This extract of the DRM’s charter sums up our stance very well.

    We are aware of the importance of this project and its potential. We are therefore dedicated to its success and the accomplishment of our dream of a modern, free and dynamic Lebanon.

    Why this site?

    The idea behind tajaddod-youth.com is to provide a space for the members to express their individual point of view, participate in the elaboration of political ideas, spread the stances of the group and attract new members.

    Let this site be a space for all Lebanese to converge and reflect on their present and future.

    What about each section of the site?

    • The Events page will be used for site related news, public events and media appearance notification.
    • The Tajaddod-Youth Blog will be used for open and free political discussion. One that hopefully goes beyond the political wrangling we see on other media. Members of Tajaddod Youth will directly publish their articles.
    • The “In the Media” section is where articles written by professional journalists, analysts and political figures will be posted.
    • The Tajaddod Press Room section is where DRM’s and Tajaddod Youth’s press releases will be published, as well as DRM’s and Tajaddod Youth’s activities and media appearances.
    • The Library is an archive of documents and multimedia files of interest.